Williams MaxX Blends

Our range of MaxX Blends are a tried and tested selection of seeds blended for your specific needs. These blends are the result of ongoing research and trialling of the Williams Seeds agronomic programme. All of our blends are customised for MaxXimum productivity and performance in mind.

Tropmaxx Prime Pasture

TropmaxX Prime Pasture, premium grazing blend, is best suited to heavy black and self mulching grey soils with a combination of Callide and Katambora Rhodes, Bambatsi and Gatton panics, creeping blue grass and grazing type legumes for both animal health and nitrogen fixation. This blend adapts to seasons with large amounts of protein available throughout the growing season. It also provides large quantities of stand over feed for the cooler months.

Blend includes: Rhodes mix, Creeping Blue grass, Bambatsi Panic, Gatton Panic, SF lucerne, Medic mix, and Centro. Rainfall 650mm+, Self mulching soil types, Recommended sowing rate: 15/25 kg/ha.

TropMaxX Premium Coastal

TropmaxX Premium Coastal Pasture beef blend has been developed by Williams Seed agronomists to be ideally suited to coastal sub tropical areas looking for a complete tropical grass and legume option, producing large amounts of dry matter throughout the growing period with the goal of fattening livestock. TropmaxX Premium Coastal is a mixture of hardy perennial species to allow for long term pasture establishment, specifically blended with the aim of high ME and protein with legumes to help keep the NDF lower for higher consumption for greater conversion rates.

Blend includes: Callide, Splenda Setaria, Signal, SF Lucerne, and Centro. Rainfall  650mm+, Heavy and light soils, Recommended sowing rate: 15/25kg/ha.

HorseMaxX Tropical Pasture

HorsemaxX Tropical Pasture blends are for horse owners wanting to increase paddock production and pasture based success in an industry that is dominated by supplementary feeding. In most of Australia, we are very fortunate to grow pastures for our horses all year round. A well-managed horse pasture can be productive, provide nutrients naturally, and has excellent health benefits. This blend is cheap to maintain in comparison to purchase of hard feeds. The blends are the product of on-going research and trialling of the Williams seed agronomic programme. Williams seed aims to fulfil the requirements of farming with agronomically correct blends for high production pastures based within environmental a managerial constraints. The range of HorsemaxX blends are designed to cover all rainfall zones.

Blend includes: Rhodes, Creeping bluegrass, Premier Digit, SF Lucerne, Centro, and Millet. Rainfall 500mm +/irrigation, Suitable for most soil types, Recommended sowing rate: 20/30 kg/ha.

Dairymaxx Annual Prime Pasture

DairymaxX Annual Prime Pasture blend has been developed by Williams Seed agronomists to include the highest quality of Annual Ryegrass’ available with a small percentage of annual Clover added to complete the overall quality of the sward.  Combination of high ME, high Protein, and lower NDF for greater consumption which will in turn drive production. DairymaxX Premium Annual has the added benefit of ultra late flowering for that extra grazing or hay/silage cut.

Blend includes: Speedyl tetraploid ryegrass, Sultan diploid ryegrass, and Persian annual clover. Winter Rainfall / Irrigation, Suitable to most soil types, Recommended sowing rate: upwards of 25 kg/ha.

Dairymaxx Annual Pasture

DairymaxX Annual Pasture blend has been developed by Williams Seed agronomists to include the best of the budget rye-grass. Added with a percentage of annual clover for ability to fixate nitrogen and lift the overall quality of the sward.

Blend includes: Tetraploid ryegrass, diploid ryegrass, and Persian annual clover. These types are early flowering. Winter Rainfall / Irrigation,  Suitable to most soil types, Recommended sowing rate: Upwards of 25kg/ha.

GrowmaxX Pasture

Our GrowMaxX Pasture Blend is specifically formulated to provide an all-purpose pasture suitable for cattle, horses, sheep & goats. It combines grasses & legumes for a wide range of soil types & growing conditions. The legumes provide nitrogen to the soil as well as aiding the mix to withstand heavy grazing with good recovery rates. This blend has had great results in Northern NSW and Southern QLD. Upon establishment, wait 45-60 days before grazing/

Blend Includes: Ryegrass/Millet 25% Paspalum 15%  Clover 15% Rhodes Grass 15% Carpet Grass 10% Couch 10% Lucerne 10%  Sowing Rate: 15kg/Acre


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GrowMaxX Batter/Slope Blend

GrowmaxX Batter blend has been designed specifically to prevent and control erosion on hills and slopes. Wind and heavy rainfall are the main contributors to erosion however having a full cover of grass with vigorous runners will help to stabilise he soil.

Blend Includes: Millet/Ryegrass 30%  Rhodes 15%  Bahia 15%  Paspalum 15%  Couch 15% Wettsteinii 5% Kikuyu 5%  Sowing Rate: 10kg/Acre

GrowmaxX Green Manure

GrowmaxX Green Manure blend is an annual ‘cover crop’ mix designed with a separate summer and winter blend. These blends have been developed using specific legumes to increase the levels of nitrogen into the soil while the grasses will provide a quick cover. Brassica has a bio-fumigant benefit that targets root knot and the root lesion nematode to ensure maximum yield. Our green manure blend is suitable for orchards, field crops , erosion control and smothering weeds. Once the blend has completed its cycle it can be mulched back into the soil.

Blend Includes: Ryegrass/Millet 25% Vetch/Cowpea 15% Lupins/Lablab 15% Oats/Buckwheat 15% Lucerne/Field Pea 15%  Brassica 10%  Clover 5%  Sowing Rate: 25kg/Acre

Domestic Enquiries Welcome

(02) 6672 9800

Domestic Enquiries Welcome

(02) 6672 9800

GrowmaxX Southern Revegetation Native

GrowmaxX Southern Revegetation Native blend is designed to increase the  native grass species into the area. It consists mainly of QLD blue grass, kneed spear grass, wallaby grass, weeping grass, and red grass. It also serves to control erosion and provide revegetation.

LawnMaxX Premium

By far our most popular seed blend, our LawnMaxX Premium Lawn Blend has been designed to either establish a new lawn or to fill in gaps in your existing lawn. Once established, this blend is a hardy and easy to maintain lawn with a beautiful green colour.

Blend Includes: Ryegrass/Millet 20% Millet/Perennial Ryegrass 10% Carpet Grass 20% Couch 20%  Bluegrass 15% Turf Type Fescue 15%  Sowing Rate: 25kg/Acre

LawnmaxX Shade

Our LawnMaxX Lawn Shade blend has been designed for those areas that do not get full sunlight. If your lawn is predominately shaded throughout the day then this is the recommended blend.

Blend Includes: Millet/Turf Type Ryegrass 30% Tall Turf Type Fescue 50%  Kentucky Bluegrass 15% Carpet Grass 5 %  Sowing Rate: 25kg/Acre

LawnMaxX Couch Seed Blend

If you are looking for something a little simpler, our LawnMaxX Couch Seed blend is just that. A perfectly balanced blend of Couch (Bermudagrass) Seed and Ryegrass for the cooler months or Millet for the warmer months, this blend will eventually allow the aggressive runners of the couch to fill in your lawn.

Blend Includes: Ryegrass/Millet 75%  Couch 25% Sowing Rate: 1kg/100sqm

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