TropMaxX pasture blends are  sub-tropical grasses with companion hard seeded legumes, for a complete long term pasture. With many farmers opting for grass establishment upfront, we recommend legume over-sowing, boosting winter feed production in areas that lack seasonal plant growth. All our blends are customised for Maximum productivity and animal performance.


Couch is an Australian backyard staple and thanks to advances in breeding, it is more suited than ever to the rigours of the Australian climate. It is tolerant of summer heat, periods of drought, is hardy and can bear much foot traffic. It is also a good looking grass. It is not shade tolerant and can spread aggressively.

Couch, Bermuda

Couch, Bermuda is a warm season grass that is ideal for the Australian climate and extremely hardy.  The grass has an extensive root system, giving it the best chance of surviving tough drought conditions. Bermuda Couch is superior in drought tolerance compared to common Couch and many other Bermuda grass varieties.

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a blend of two turf types. It is a hardy variety of turf with a deep root system and a broad leaf blade. It stays green all year round and is ideal for premium lawns. If you water your Tall Fescue during summer you will be rewarded with a beautiful, lush green lawn.

Ryegrass, Perennial

Ryegrass, Perennial is a popular choice of grass in cooler climates the world over, with a rich, dark green blade, and a great tolerance to shade. The benefits of Perennial Ryegrass really come to the fore when used as a companion grass to other varieties, to adapt to harsher and more varied conditions. It is also excellent at dealing with harsh winter conditions, with the ability to survive heavy frosts and bleak weather with ease, and it looks great.

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Kikuyu, Whittet

Kikuyu, Whittet grass is a low growing, warm season vigorous grass that spreads by stolons & rhizomes. Whittet was developed to spread more vigorously than common strains of Kikuyu. Whittet has a medium texture, robust turf density & will establish & persist better on poor soils with low fertility.

Buffalo grass – SWI-2000

Buffalo grass – SWI-2000 is a low maintenance grass which is tolerant to drought and to cold. It is easy to establish from seed and is the most cold tolerant of the warm season turf grasses. It can be used in parks and playgrounds, golf course roughs, commercial and residential lawns, erosion control, pastures and highway right-of-ways.

Bahia grass – Paspalum notatum

A dense mat-forming perennial grass, with a deep, strong root system.  Several distinct types of bahia grass have become naturalised in Australia. Varieties include Argentine and Pensacola.

Carpet grass

Carpet grass is a creeping, stoloniferous, perennial, warm season grass. It has wide leaves with blunt, rounded tips and forms a dense mat which crowds out most. It is is best suited to Sub Tropical/Tropical regions of Australia, and will thrive in low fertility areas, making it ideal for parks, roadsides, and Golf Course roughs.


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Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is grown from seed. It is usually only available in seed mixtures. Spreads by underground runners so is self-repairing if damaged.

Dichondra micrantha

Dichondra micrantha or Kidney Weed is very low-growing groundcover that spreads by rooting at the nodes. It has small soft dark green leaves that are kidney shaped. This is an excellent lawn substitute and looks great planted in between stepping stones. They can handle being stepped on, but not heavy foot traffic.

Poa trivialis

Poa trivialis (also called “Rough Bluegrass”) is a perennial grass that forms dense light green patches especially in moist, fertile, fine textured soils. A common choice for golf greens and tees, its strong seedling vigour, low vertical growth and ability to be mown very short provides consistent ball roll.

Bisset, Creeping Bluegrass

Bisset, Creeping Bluegrass (Bothriochloa insculpta), is a strong stoloniferous grass suitable for grazing and/or hay production. It has good drought and close grazing tolerance. It is finer in the stem, later maturing and more stoloniferous than Hatch and is a hardy and useful grass that will tolerate low fertile soils. It is an effective ground cover to combat erosion, resists weed invasion, and is tolerant of fire.

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Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch is native to Australia, which is why it has been so successfully grown in the harshest environments. It is a warm season grass suited only to the warmer regions of the country. It is a very soft, deep blue-green, fine textured grass that has good drought tolerance once its roots have grown deeply. It is best known for its rapid growth response after even small amounts of rain. If you are looking for a prestige lawn, then Queensland Blue Couch can be manicured into a bowling green as well.

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