A cost effective source of high energy feed for beef cattle

Molasses feed

Molasses is a low cost, safe and effective alternative to grain as a cattle feed. It is often preferred to grain as a supplementary or drought feed and can be fed on a twice weekly basis with no risk of digestive upsets.

Cattle being fed with molasses tend to use dry feed with a reduced liklihood of compaction of abomasum. Molasses is a high energy feed containing adequate amounts of most minerals. Unlike grain it contains no protein of any consequence.

What is Molasses?

Molasses is an end product of raw sugar manufacture. Sugar can juice is boiled a number of times to crystallise the sugar. As there sugar crystals are removed, the impurities, a diverse mixture of all the essential plant elements, are concentrated into a liquid. The final syrup is molasses, black and viscous, containing organic and inorganic material.

Molasses nutritional analysis (figures are approximate only)

Sucrose 35%, Reducing sugars 13%, Water 23%, Ash and other organic matter 30% (Nitrogen 1%, Calcium 1.3%, Sulphur 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.07%, Magnesium 0.34%, Chlorine 2%, Potassium 1.6%, Sodium 0.6%, Iron 0.03%).

Williams Australia has been associated with the molasses industry for the past 85 years. Our modern fleet of bulk tankers and courteous drivers, give our customers prompt service at all times. We also supply 200 Litre (250kg) and 20 Litre (25kg) containers.

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