Native Grass

Naturally adapted to our diverse landscape and ever changing conditions

Kangaroo Grass

Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra) is a summer growing perennial with deep roots producing tall showy seed-heads. During its growth stage it is able to stand heavy grazing and produces good quality forage for animals. The grass is dormant during winter. It is useful for re-vegetation on inhospitable soils and good for landscaping and decorative planting.

Barbed Wire Grass

Barbed Wire Grass (Cymbopogon refractus) is a tufted perennial grass forming erect, slender tussocks. It grows in grassy forests and woodland areas. The leaves give off a spicy lemon or ginger odour when crushed. This grass provides a good habitat for small mammals and frogs and Rosella’s eat the seeds.

Curly Mitchell Grass

Mitchell Grass (Astrebla lappacea) is a warm season perennial grass which is very palatable to livestock even when dry. It is densely tufted with most of the base below ground.

Long-leaved Matrush

Long-leaved Matrush (Lomandra longifolia) is a tussock forming glass like plant in clumps 50-150 cm tall, with leaves 40-80 cm long, flat strap shaped. It grows along river and creek banks, rocky hillsides, and open forests. It has an extensive root system, which is excellent for erosion control. It is best propagated in pots and transplanted when established.

Queensland Blue Grass

Queensland Blue Grass (Dicanthium sericeum) is a warm season tufted, erect perennial grass, easily distinguished by its blue green leaf colour. It grows 30-810 cm tall, and is generally rather slender. It has straw coloured spikelets covered with silky hairs. It is one of the most productive native grasses that is readily eaten by stock. It is susceptible to frosts.

Red Grass

Red Grass (Bothriochloa macra) is a warm season perennial grass with low growing tufts of green or reddish leaves. It produces reddish purple flowering stems in summer. Red Grass is extremely hardy, drought resistant, and grows on infertile soils. It is useful for turf, amenity, soil conservation, and pasture.

Spear Grass

Spear Grass (Austrostipa spp.) is a cool season perennial grass native to Australia. It is tolerant of acid soils and will grow on poor shallow soils with little fertiliser. It requires little maintenance and is highly drought resistant, staying green. It can be used for revegetation and landscape applications.

Tall Windmill Grass

Tall Windmill Grass (Chloris ventricosa) is a summer growing perennial grass with distinctive windmill shaped seed-heads forming at the end of tall stems from summer to autumn. This grass establishes rapidly and helps hold the soil together. It can be used for turf, as well as for pasture and landscaping or site rehabilitation.

Wallaby Grass

Wallaby Grass (Austrodanthonia spp.) is a year long green grass native to Australia. It grows on a wide variety of soils of low fertility and is tolerant of acid soils. Showy silky white seed-heads develop, making this an attractive grass for landscaping. It can also be used for turf where mowing can be kept high. It is also useful for re-vegetation on disrupted soils and is a nutritious and persistent pasture grass when grazed intermittently.

Weeping Grass

Weeping Grass (Microlaena stipoides) is a cool season perennial grass native to Australia. It is tolerant of acid soils and will grow in shade with little fertiliser. It requires only occasional deep watering when well established and little other maintenance. It is highly drought resistant and stays green. it can be used for lawns, amenity uses, for re-vegetation and it has high grazing value.

Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass (Elymus scaber) is a winter growing perennial grass with a tussocky habit. It flowers with long floppy white seed-heads from late winter to summer. It establishes quickly and is useful for re-vegetation and conservation projects as well as pasture.


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